Behind The Title

The title of this blog comes with a story, as most things often do. This story begins back when I was graduating high school and I was choosing my senior quote. I wanted a quote that captured where I was in my life, as well as where I’d come from…I wanted a phrase that showed people who I was and what my heart was saying.

The quote that I chose comes from Neal Shusterman’s, Challenger Deep.

Just because it’s a long voyage, it doesn’t mean you’re on it forever.

Challenger deep

I chose this quote because from the moment my eyes graced over those words on the page, my heart instantly connected with the underlying meaning. To me, this is a quote about life and how sometimes our voyages change and suddenly we’re on an expedition we never even imagined possible.

It’s about learning to take life as it comes and understanding that one day things are gonna get better. It’s about believing that someday we’re gonna breathe again and one day we’re gonna be okay.

And while this blog will mostly focus on my voyage as an aspiring author and night owl writer, I want it to be more than that. I want this blog to be a safe place for us to talk about our own expeditions and our own, unique voyages. I want this blog to be a place where you don’t have to be afraid to talk about the unexpected and damaged parts of our wanderings. Sometimes traveling in space is dangerous and sometimes your ship crashes into comets and asteroids; but that’s part of what makes seeing the galaxies and shooting stars so rewarding.

A friend of mine once said that the middle is where you get scars. And I think she was right. But if we can embrace the pain and acknowledge the scars, then we’ll be able to truly appreciate the little moments where the stars align and all seems right with the world.

So, enjoy the voyage, my little explorer…because you never know when you’re gonna end up taking a detour.

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