Oh, hello there! *waves* My name is Bree Dawn and this is where I’m going to spend the next few minutes telling you a little bit about me. So grab your coffee, kick your feet up, and let’s go!

The first thing I want people to know about me is that I am a Christian. I’ve been a believer for as long as I can remember and I’ve seen God take the broken and wounded and transform them into His masterpieces. I don’t take my relationship with the Lord lightly and to be perfectly honest, I’ve given Him a lot of great reasons to condemn me. But He’s shown me that He will never leave me because He loves me, even when I royally screw up.

I’ve been through a fair amount of pain in my life, but it’s taught me so many valuable lessons about the importance of faith and hope and love.

I’m also a writer. I write mostly dystopian, but I have a lot of projects within other genres (contemporary, fantasy, and romance, to name a few). My writing is not exclusively or generally “Christian” because I don’t want to limit my audience by alienating everyone who disagrees with my religious views. I want to reach as many people as possible because that’s how I’ll inspire them to find hope in the darkness; not by shoving my religion down their throats. That being said, my stories may be dark and brutal, but I always make sure to sneak in hopeful undertones.

Hope has always been such a strong theme in my life, so it’s kind of inevitable that it always ends up in my novels. I want people to come away from reading my stories and have a renewed sense of love and hope and life! I want people to feel inspired to change the world after reading my novels.

That might sound like a crazy dream…and you’re right. But I was never taught to dream small. I was taught to dream huge because why not chase the stars? I’ve had people try to shoot down my dream of becoming the next J.K. Rowling, but they didn’t win! In fact, their small-mindedness and negativity only added to my determination to keep pursuing my dream.

So, yeah, I’m a massive dreamer.

In addition to dreaming and writing, I also enjoy reading. I’ve always been a bibliophile, as I started reading at a young age. Little Me consumed every Nancy Drew book she could get her hands on, and honestly…nothing’s changed. I still love a good mystery novel, but I usually find myself lost in a dystopian nightmare or a Neal Shusterman story.

One of the biggest reasons why I love stories and books so much is because it’s a gateway to another world. It allows you to escape your own life and see through the eyes of someone else for a time. And as someone who has always struggled with a general anxiety disorder, finding that escape is something I’ve always found particularly important.

Having anxiety sucks, but I was raised with the mentality that anxiety does not define me. My mental health problems don’t define me because I am so much more than a label or a definition or a statistic. But anxiety isn’t my crutch, either. It’s not something that I want to flaunt and parade because it’s not romantic or sexy or cool or something to be proud of. It’s just something that I’ve learned (and still am learning) to deal with, one day at a time. This is why I’m such a huge mental health advocate because people with mental health problems are stigmatized and their mental illness is romanticized in entertainment and media. But anyone who has any form of mental illness knows that it’s not pretty, it’s a messy gray area that leaves everyone walking on eggshells.

I didn’t intend for this to become an entire mental health awareness page, but it’s important to me, thus it probably belongs on the page about me.

So…yeah, that’s a glimpse into Bree Dawn.

She’s an awfully flawed and broken human, but aren’t we all a little broken?

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    1. LISA, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVELY COMMENT! Iā€™m super excited too, this is gonna be a fun little adventure!

      And thank you for the official welcome to the public blogosphere! šŸ’›āœØ


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