This Life of Mine by Victoria Lynn // Happy Release Day

Hello, my voyagers! Today is very special because it is the official release day for Victoria Lynn’s latest book, This Life of Mine. Victoria has shared on Instagram how much this book means to her, and if there is one thing I know, it’s that her passion will most certainly bleed through the pages of this story.

As someone who is always looking for stories that tackle dark elements in a tasteful, but powerful, way, I immediately knew that I had to have this book. So, when Victoria announced a few months ago that she was going to be offering book boxes for this story, I jumped and preordered my own copy. Since this is technically the second in a series (although Victoria has assured me it can also be read as a standalone), I also bought a special hardcover edition of the first book in the series, Once I Knew. I’ve provided more information below about both books, as well as how you can order your own copies.

I say all of this to hopefully emphasize just how much this book already means to me. I haven’t read it, but I already love it. Victoria has truly put her heart, soul, and every ounce of passion into this story, and I cannot express just how proud of her I truly am. So, Victoria, happy release day to your latest story. I hope this is the happiest of days, and I cannot wait to see how this story changes the world. <333

About the Book

This life of Mine by Victoria Lynn book cover in three formats

A woman alone, fleeing for her life. A man on a mission of rescue.
Each fighting their own internal battles, will they survive the one raging between countries?
Will they find healing? Or succumb to the darkness and devastation around them?

Marcus is tired of losing those he loves. The last shred of his childhood has been uprooted and he feels alone… again. When the ruler’s new policies take effect, the anger of the Rusalkan mountain king is unleashed upon the borderlands.

With refugees streaming into Elira by the hundreds, the stories from the wall are horrific. Marcus joins a convoy to lend his medical skills to those in need at the Eliran border. What he finds there is about to change his life forever.

Dilara’s life as a slave in Rusalka was anything but idealistic. Consumed by a system that was designed to use, abuse, and discard the likes of her, she has been taken through the very depths. Carrying a traumatic secret and wounded in her frenzied escape, she finds herself with an unlikely protector and an even more confusing relationship. Can she traverse the waters of this new life and make it her own?

And can Marcus overcome his own deformities to find the one missing piece? Or will his life forever be marked by suffering and sacrifice?

“You are a treasure. Priceless. Like the scarce mountain diamonds that we only hear tales of. You are chosen, not by a man no better than a demon, you were chosen by a King. A pure, holy, spotless, beautiful King who sees nothing but the beauty he created in your soul when He breathed His life into it. His love is unconditional. It’s nothing you earn.”

Did you miss the first book in the Chronicles of Elira?

Once I Knew by Victoria Lynn book cover

A farmer, a tyrant, a kingsman, who will change the course of history?

Violet lives her quiet little life in her sleepy village. Trying to remain as dead to the politics that are threatening their world as possible. She follows the rules, stays out of trouble and does her best to remain out of sight of the dreaded and overbearing Kingsmen.

With the new regent on the throne, the country has been thrown into a turmoil. Unlike the kindly king before him, the new ruler is overbearing, frightening and tyrannical in his rule. Taxes are bleeding the people dry and without the money or goods to pay, they have been forced into penal servitude and imprisonment by the Kingsmen, who know no mercy. The despair and fear that has taken over their lives has ruled out any level of hope.

When Violet stumbles upon an unconscious and injured Kingsman in the woods, despite the consequences, she cannot help but take care of the injured man. When he wakes and has no memory of who he is, she takes the only precaution that will keep her and her grandmother safe; she destroys the evidence of his past life.

If Violet’s lowly Kingsman regains his memory, will she be able to live with the consequences? And will the Kingsman be able to live with his past life?

“His strength is made perfect in our weakness. He knows we can’t carry everything the world has to throw at us, but that’s why He asks us to enter into rest with Him. Because that’s the only way to truly have peace.”

About the Author

Victoria Lynn has an insatiable desire for truth, light and beauty.

Traveling to destinations of beauty created by our Heavenly Father, reveling in creative pursuits that fill her with joy, or pouring her heart into words of life are some of her favorite things to do.

She seeks to bring the life giving words of the Savior to a dark and broken world that desperately needs to know of His sacrifice.

A writing and publishing coach, author, journalist, seamstress and creator, she loves spending time with any of her 8 siblings, exploring her native state of Michigan, and sewing gowns fit for a princess.

Connect with Victoria

Visit her website, sign up for her newsletter, and follow her on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, Goodreads, and Amazon.

Let’s Talk!

Have you ordered your own copy of This Life of Mine? What are you most excited about with this book? Have you read any of Victoria’s other books? Let’s talk all things Victoria Lynn down in the comments!

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Bree Dawn is a voracious book dragon who believes in the power of stories. As a young girl, she always begged her parents to let her read “one more chapter” before bedtime. As an adult, she uses this same passion to craft dark stories with hopeful undertones for young adults who seek a glimmer of light in this dark world. Bree is currently working on her dystopian fantasy novel while consuming as many stories as possible.

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